Each nineteen days, Bahá'ís throughout the world celebrate a Feast. The Feast may be compared to weekly religious services in other faiths: Shabbat in Judaism, Sunday services in the Christian faith, and Friday gatherings by Muslims at a mosque.
As the Bahá'í Faith does not have clergy, Feasts are organized by individuals within the community. The Bahá'í Feast is composed of three elements, reading from sacred Scriptures, community consultation and a social period where participants enjoy conversation and food.
While the consultation generally concerns local Baha'i events and concerns, the readings are taken from Bahá'í Writings. Here are readings from past Feasts presented in pdf files:

Note that the readings are organized by Bahá'í year and month. The year 179 corresponds to 2022, the year 173 corresponds to 2016. The Bahá'í year has nineteen months, each named as a virtue.

Here's the list of monthly readings available
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